Paganini TSL


The growing recession makes it necessary to create a comprehensive approach to logistics and transport. Each transport we are commissioned to organize is analyzed in detail in order to minimize costs which need to be incurred by our clients.

We know the expectations of our clients perfectly well. We are specialists working in the transportation sector and experience has taught us that all market changes need instant reaction and adaptation on our part.

This is why we have created a consulting department which deals with leveling the difference between the actual and planned costs.
Our offer is innovative in that it allows us to visibly minimize the costs of transportation and logistics. Owing to our know-how, created in the course of operation on the market, we can actually reduce the actual costs by approximately 5%, and sometimes by as much as 40%. This solution is beneficial to the client in that it enables them to create a competitive advantage, offers them a potential to develop faster, and – in extreme cases – may determine their existence on the market.
We can significantly reduce actual costs, at the same time offering top-quality services.