Paganini TSL

About us

We’re a transport company with over 10 years’ experience on the market.
We offer complex domestic and international transport services, as well as warehousing and distribution. Our care to provide top quality services manifests itself in approaching each order on an individual basis and in careful selection of coworkers.
Within 48 hours we will deliver any cargo that we have been entrusted with to any place in Europe. Our characteristic features are punctuality, reliability and professionalism. Our priorities are the satisfaction of our clients, and fulfilling our obligations in terms of time, conditions and safety of the services provided.

The scope of our activity also includes non-EU countries.
We are not afraid to accept difficult and challenging orders. Throughout many years of activity in the transportation sector we have delivered cargos to the most remote destinations in Europe. We have undertook to deliver cargo to locations which are commonly recognized as particularly troublesome in the transportation sector. We are a perfect choice for implementation of projects which require excellent planning and skilled staff. The difficulties that we manage to overcome illustrate our potential.

We ably combine the extensive experience which we have gained throughout years of operation on the market with expertise of transportation professionals. Since our offer is very wide, we have at our disposal a variety of means of transport.

We constantly aim at improving the level and quality of service. We have created a consulting department which deals with optimizing transport and domestic distribution, which results in lower and competitive prices offered to our clients. By reducing costs we at the same time increase our effectiveness.

We use a positioning system to specify the location of our vehicles. Therefore we can easily position a given transport and make sure everything goes as planned. Our dispatcher is available 24 hours a day, and is ready to immediately provide our clients and the information they might need. Throughout the project implementation we stay in close touch with the client and remain at his disposal.

In relations client-contractor we value mutual development and mutual advantage.
We are reliable and always deliver on time.
We invite you to commence successful cooperation with us.